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If you’re searching for the best Zombie board games, then you definitely aren’t alone. It seems zombies have quickly transitioned into fashion in the past couple of years to turn into thriving subjects in the majority of sorts of entertainment and websites.

From the time The Walking Dead shot the comic and tv world by storm, so there has seemingly become a horde of zombie board games finding their solution into the industry on a nearly monthly basis.

From quick minigames to full-scope tactical zombie board game encounters, there’s something for all to savor. In reality, according to BGG, you can find over one million zombie board games available on the market. The majority are older and therefore are out of print, however, a healthful bunch is available.

That will assist you to browse the zombie board game listing, we’ve got handpicked the best zombie board games. We’ve considered time, kinds of board game mechanisms, difficulty, and era, therefore are confident — we now have a choice for you personally.

Asmodee – Playing Games/Figurines – Zombicide Black Plague
Asmodee – Playing Games/Figurines – Zombicide Black Plague
Price not available
Asmodee – Playing Games/Figurines – Zombicide Black Plague
Asmodee – Playing Games/Figurines – Zombicide Black Plague
Price not available

Therefore whether you’re arranging family members or friends out at night, get prepared to find the best zombie board games on the market these days.



Dead of Winter could be the very first board game from this sequence.

It places two to five players at a small and diminished colony of survivors the place where a vast majority of humankind is diseased or changed to zombies.

Every participant assumes a major role to direct a lot of survivors working together to attain a target and also make it throughout winter.

Dead of Winter may be entirely or semi-cooperative. The secret is this certain of those players could possibly be described as a traitor using their concealed agenda achieving that, scores him a triumph.

Every participant, bad or good, features an individual secret aim. Mostly, secret objectives are secondary to this key objective shared with the team, this usually means that you want to acquire the team’s aim to satisfy the average person.

If you’re a traitor, but your secondary goal is to undermine the assignment and also make different players neglect it.

Teamwork is currently been aware of Dead of Winter as players will need to organize activities to be certain that action points are spent sensibly. There are more items that have to be achieved than you are able to therefore being proficient at exercising trade-offs is a fundamental skill to perfect.

DeadOfWinter TooManyZombies

In the own turns, players may select to strike a zombie, hunt an area, put a barricade, draw zombies, thoroughly clean waste or make use of a special skill. Getting activities coordinated and timed economically should supply you with a fantastic probability of success.

At precisely the exact same period, Adhoc events and also the chance of owning a traitor from the team put in a special twist into the winning plan the team should produce.

Expect you’ll get up against hard scenarios at which you’ll be forced to create difficult, frequent, and also changing conclusions that’ll require you all to choose what options are right for you and those that are the very best for that colony.

Dead of Winter - Post-Apocalyptic Survival Strategy Board Game for 2-5 Players Ages 13+, by Plaid Hat Games
  • A META-COOPERATIVE SURVIVAL EXPERIENCE: Step into a world where humanity teeters on the brink of extinction. Dead of Winter immerses players in a small colony of survivors facing flesh-craving monsters and the unforgiving winter cold.
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL SURVIVAL: Delve into a story-centric game. Survivors grapple with personal psychological imperatives. Collaboration is crucial to fend off external threats, resolve crises, scavenge for supplies, and maintain the colony's fragile morale.
  • STRATEGIC DECISIONS: Frequent challenging decisions require you to weigh the greater good of the colony against personal interests. The survival of the colony, the battle against the undead, and the dynamics among survivors all hang in the balance.
  • COOPERATION AMIDST CHAOS: While coping with their own psychological burdens, players must find ways to cooperate, defend against external dangers, and ensure the colony's survival. Trust is a rare commodity in a world gone mad.
  • UNIQUE CHARACTERS: Dozens of unique characters each have their own stories and motivations. Experience an emergent narrative. Navigate wildly-varying decisions, ensuring that no two games are alike. But beware, as a betrayer may lurk within your ranks.


vyrp11 3434black plague

ZOMBICIDE: BLACK PLAGUE can be really a stand-alone concerted board game that carries the zombie apocalypse to a gorgeous medieval setting.

The board game packs tons of pleasure also supports you to six players. It brings forth the constant zombie-killing activity to a brand new dream world we now have not experienced previously.

I wasn’t initially certain just how medieval, dream and zombies could blend together, but allow me to let you know that the combination works brightly!

The aim of all Zombicide: Dark Plague will be always to penalize the wicked Necromancer overlords for bringing the planet into a finish, but to make it you must experience the hordes of zombies first.

That will assist you to survive shadowy occasions, your characters may wield cross-bows, create dragons that are powerful, and cast magic charms. To enhance your defense evaluation, you are able to equip your archery together with shields and chainmail armor.

In addition, you’re able to grab spell novels to perform fantastic enchantment light a dragon up pool to think of an all-consuming drag on flame!

As the principles are revamped with this newest incarnation, the center principle has stayed undamaged. The board game continues to be full of nonstop action, a tense atmosphere, and tons of fun!

The game comprises a number of those light RPG mechanisms as it lets you boost your personality and earn experience in the future. Experience enables one to up-skill your personalities to be much stronger, but the higher variety of zombies with the years appears to rip out it well.

Proceed right ahead and choose the zombie invasion out of secret vaults to ancient roads. Pursue the evasive Necromancers to stop them from multiplying. Simply take a completely new pair of assignments where your set of survivors will appear the heroes of this property or the very last survivors of this zombie massacre.

Instead, you would rather fight orcs only a tad bit more, then have a look at the sequel Zombicide: Green Horde from the show that we’ve reviewed as a member of this most useful co-op board games shoot out.


Zombicide: Black Plague can be an exciting plank which each zombie motif enthusiast should have in their own collection. It’s completely enjoyable and contains everything from charms, dream personalities, and wicked enemies to deliver an epic zombie-killing experience.

If you’re interested in finding one of their best zombie board games out there, then it rarely gets many benefits compared to Zombicide: Black Plague.

Asmodee – Playing Games/Figurines – Zombicide Black Plague
  • From 14 years old
  • Number of players: 1-6 players
  • Playing time: 60 min



Zpocalypse two: Twist the Burbs can be really a kick-starter financed exhilarating complicated and aggressive tower defense-game. It symbolizes a sequel to the initial Zpocalypsea survival board game that is put at a postsecondary wasteland.

The assumption of this board game is really exciting. After the town has heavily bombarded, a few humans have run for their lives to live the onslaught by jumping into the urban wasteland. Outside in the suburbs, most humans have assembled a refuge that’s currently regularly raided and attacked by zombies and mutates.

To live, players need to depend on most situations from appliances for the kitchen to garden gear to float off the never-finish zombie hordes.

During installation, you and your friends randomly pick two giants along with two weapons that are starting. The cards are subsequently attached with a unique board together with every participant leading certainly one of many personalities.

Based upon the color chosen, players receive one pointer which marks the starting position or point on the activity board. Some scenarios comprise additional rules which change the span of this match marginally.

Exactly like the game, the upgraded version has straightforward and simple rules. The game includes two to five players each commanding their group of survivors that are designed with weapons, food, and different things.

As a team leader, you have to pick the activities that your pilots should pay attention to. You have to pick and prioritize daily activities and different duties to the activity tracking board. Each activity brings significance to the group, yet costs funds, therefore timing and picking the proper choice is overriding.

Comparable to additional zombie board games, Zpocalypse two comes with the idea of night and daytime. Throughout your daytime, you have to assign your group various activities like scavenging, crafting, resting, and safeguarding.

The target is to get ready for the nighttime period where the brand new zombies become spawned and attack your own shelter.

zombie survival board game zpocalypse 2 defend the burbs components

As you advance throughout the board game, your spouses level up and earn new competencies. Whenever you kill a zombie you have to score victory points that are subsequently utilized to unlock advantage cards. Each card could supply a noticeable augmentation by enhancing the defense stats, so coping with extra damage or curing the consequences.

The game also presents a wonderful range of zombies, therefore it can not feel overly mechanical fighting them. Along with routine zombies, the video game presents mutates that have different wellness, attack, movement, and exceptional abilities.

Instead of presenting your scenario course determined for you personally as it had been from the game, you now have the freedom to pick on your survival scenario. It’s an excellent bonus, particularly for someone creative to enjoy me personally.

Zpocalypse two: Twist the Burbs can be an epic postapocalyptic zombie survival game that is included with a few lite RPG mechanics and storytelling. It sports an interesting day and nighttime theory letting you get ready daily and fight zombies throughout the nighttime.

If you enjoy tower defense-type matches, which may be played cooperatively, or Zpocalypse two: Defend the Burbs may be exactly what you’re after.

Skull Party Game - Bluffing and Strategy Game Fun for Game Night, Family Board Game for Kids & Adults, Ages 13+, 3-6 Players, 30 Minute Playtime, Made by Space Cowboys
  • A GAME OF DECEPTION: Skull is a fun party game of bluffing, deducing, and out-thinking your friends. If you want to best your opponents, you must bluff, lie and pierce the deceptions that surround the flowers.
  • STRATEGY GAME: Each turn, you may either add another disc to your pile or bet how many flowers you can reveal without revealing a skull. Be wary — if you reveal a skull, the consequences are dire! If you succeed at your bet, you gain a point, and two points wins the game!
  • CHALLENGING & COMPETITIVE: Practice your bluffing skills by trying to catch the other players with your skull. But you can be sure your opponents won’t just let that happen. Keep your cards to the bitter end to win this game of deception and perception.
  • EASY TO LEARN: An ancient game of ornate skulls and deceptive flowers, Skull is simple to learn, but dangerously difficult to win and extraordinarily difficult to master.
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS AND AVERAGE PLAYTIME: This exciting game of deception for adults and teens is designed for 3 to 6 players and is suitable for ages 13 and older. The game takes approximately 30 minutes to play.


Dawn of the Zeds

Dawn of the Zeds (Third edition) can be another iteration of this board game classic which has been financed using a kick-starter effort.

It was always a move to match for people that are trying to find a solid changeling war against zombies. It sports combined gameplay at a zombie apocalypse.

At Dawn of the Zeds, your heroes will need to shield Farmingdale as well to the own five outlying villages out of zombies that maintain on encroaching.

These personalities tend to be encouraged by armed and epic civilians with little outside assistance.

The guidelines are rather easy.

The purpose is to make certain the Zeds tend not to get to town middle to wreak havoc around Farmingdale, a town that’s been left by the federal government.

The gameplay is straightforward. Bought at the middle of this plank is really a docile hamlet of Farmingdale that is under siege by hordes of zombies that traveling across four roads resulting in Farmingdale. But, you ought to be mindful here since if a lot succeeds to go into the city, then it’s game over.


The new variant has raised the bar so far as the absolute quantity of choices for playing with the match and also the demonstration can be involved.

Initially, the Dawn of the Zeds (Third edition) has been a game however in this third variant, the gameplay is simply as far as on combined play with. Currently, 1-5 courageous individuals can save money than 90 minutes fighting zombies and also learning how to bond as a set to fight a standard and recognized enemy.

Like a fan of combined games, Dawn of the Zeds (Third edition) enables you to wish to savor this game again and again. If you would like to delight in a stressed, multi-player, and balanced gameplay, then this really could be the ideal match for you personally. In reality, it’s growing to become the pub upon which additional zombie board games have been quantified.



Yesterday on the planet is just one of those most talked classic zombie board games ever. The match was out for more than decades and it has turned out to be always a favorite alternative for most zombie board game enthusiasts.

The art is intentional as the match succeeds to accomplish a cinematic feel, which will seem to get the job done.

Unlike, but lots of additional zombie board games, this one also has the whole competitive style by which a few players may play heroes who will work together to produce it through the challenging nighttime or zombies that disperse across town like a jolt.

Additionally, each scenario includes another board design, the player starting places, and features different topics like saving, simple survival, or escape.

You initiate the board game by dividing six players into two teams. 1 team controls both the zombies and also the different team controls up to four personalities. Teams then alternative turns to progress with their various agendas and conquer another team.

Playing zombies you obtain to destroy buildings, stumble around, groan, and also create efforts to not just conquer, but jelqing people. Humans alternatively hunt for key goods and strive their very best to fend off zombies with all those weapons they’ve.

On occasion, it’s rather a weapon or a knife, however, sometimes bare hands are you have to survive through the evening time.

The purpose of humans varies according to the selected scenario. You might want to save by-standers, kill a specific quantity of zombies or even find the keys or gas that everybody will escape. To get zombies it’s exactly about eating creatures, which means that your aim is to get and eat those yummy humans.

To establish the plan of actions the board games include a dreadful large amount of dice-rolling. Of course, if it had been another kind of match, I’d believe it surplus, to get a zombie-themed board game but it seems pretty much perfect. It imitates the abrupt turns and events which can happen, for example as zombie emerging from nowhere tripping, losing things and so forth.

Yesterday evening on the planet can be really a fast-paced brain-eating zombie adventure that’s intended to create a cinematic feel like the story unfolds. If you’re interested in finding a traditional zombie adventure in its correct sense, then this really is only one among the best zombie board game near. The enjoyment, anxiety, and suspense will be inevitable within this truly epic zombie adventure.

It had been initially published in 2012 but remains among the most played zombie board games in the marketplace.

The match employs classic zombie pictures as a subject where hordes of zombies attack and over run the town.

Like most zombie board games, it’s all about survival, unlike many, it presents the idea of back-stabbing helping to make it semi-cooperative.

The aim of this game is to live before daybreak when some extra help needs to arrive. As you’re looking forward to assistance discussion, magical and back-stabbing occur.

On some occasions, you might have to forfeit a few to your the larger good of the others to guarantee you makes it throughout the evening time. But that would this be?

img 0498 scaled

Each player handles numerous personalities he or she’s attempting to shepherd throughout the zombie apocalypse. Historically, nevertheless, are exceptional and show special abilities which may be used just one time a match.

This makes the plan therefore fascinating because you want to balance between when to make use of the skill when to forfeit the archery as well as how can your personality match the overall winning plan.

Deciding the personality to forfeit is done with graduate, therefore individuals who have very good negotiation skills are going to get a benefit. At precisely the exact same period, the match compels one to generate difficult, unwanted, and tough conclusions, and there’s not any other method around it.

The match finishes at 04:00 in the afternoon once the rescue helicopter arrives to grab the lands. But to get on the helicopter, then your personality needs to possess an antidote serum to prove they’re not infected.

It matches the match together with interaction, cooperation, and anxiety. Earning sacrifices is a portion of this winning strategy, however, picking the ideal trade-offs and focusing on how to negotiate will be essential for success.

Last, 3 d component quality is very good and handles to produce a darkened feel. The board comes with a two-sided modular design, which combined with an arbitrary event deck should offer you lots of exceptional value.

Rules aren’t intricate and the rule book does a fantastic job in walking through them helping to make it accessible to a broad variety of players.

Flying Frog Productions Last Night on Earth: Growing Hunger Expansion
  • For 2-6 players
  • Takes 60-90 minutes
  • The product requires the Last Night on Earth board game to play
  • This is an expansion


City of Horror can be a remarkable survival-themed board game that’s turned into a respectable classic. With plenty of discussion and discussion, the board game promises to be exciting, thrilling, and enjoyable plus it accomplishes that. In spite of the present contest, Town of Horror still remains among their most useful zombie survival board games made within the previous ten years.

Zombie 1-5 is just a one-of-a-kind and busy zombie apocalypse board game at which everyone above age 18 was infected.

You along with different players represent a little group of teenager survivors that strive to ensure it is by themselves.

To flee the persistent horde of undead that you want to creep across the town to find shelter food, match along with the other teenager predators and find out the facts behind the muddy illness!

Since Zombie 1-5 features real-time fighting, it necessitates rapid cooperation and decision-making. Simply take too much time and you’ll get inundated with blood-thirsty zombies!

Even though board game is combined, each player makes its decision. The function of the others is to assist and produce the maximum best decision within the briefest period of time potential.

If other players make bad decisions or require overly much time, you can end up changing your strategy at a minute. & the majority of the moment, as a result of time pressure, people care conclusions primarily based on a stomach feel just.

The board game is sold with 15 distinct scenarios stitched to one storyline effort.


The gameplay or rules really are fairly straightforward and brand new player-friendly. First, the rule book does a superb job of describing items quickly and easily. Anyway, each scenario introduces a few new rules, which makes it effortless to allow non-board gamers to join up.

Actions, you have to select from are restricted by 5 activities — proceeding, fighting, hunting, picking up, and using.


best zombie board games zombie 15 1

Zombie 15 features amazing art on 3 2 double-sided tiles. At precisely the exact same period, the mini quality leaves to be desirable.

The map takes approximately fifteen minutes to set up and once done usually takes a significant distance in your own desk. In reality, it might include as many as a hundred zombies on a map, either based upon a scenario. Ensure that you have sufficient room for it.

Zombie 15 is actually a gorgeous adrenaline-pumping board game that nearly every board game enthused and also beginners will need to test. The match just takes 1-5 minutes to play with, therefore if you want to have a bright, quick, stressed and feverish zombie fighting match, Zombie 1-5 will probably be worth you have a peek at it.

Following the herpes virus is really a highly entertaining combined deck-building card match.

The narrative is driven by 15 distinct scenarios stitched together to supply a storyline experience.

Zombie 15'
  • A Fun And Original Take On Zombie Apocalypse, With Amazing Artwork
  • Real Time Survival Game
  • Playing Time: 15 Minutes
  • Number Of Players: 2-4


best zombie board games after the virus

Each scenario could be played by itself, yet in the event that you would like to have that extra piece of subject and narrative, playing with them in sequence could be the thing to do.

In accordance with the narrative, 90 percent of the people got swallowed by means of a virus with just a couple rendering it all through. The people who did have converted into murderous zombies, whilst the remainder is left unattended and feeble trying to find refuge.

Like many deck-building card matches, at Following the herpes virus you would like your deck to sponsor the most useful cards and little without undesirable cards. In fact, this isn’t achievable, yet in the event that you’ve got enough excellent cards on your deck to cancel the zombie influx, then you ought to have the ability to rip out it.

Characters are exceptional about their abilities and cards which form the deck. It adds a wonderful flavor and just a small strategy variety into the gameplay.

Each variable begins by drawing on a total of five cards in the deck. Whenever you draw zombie cards, then they’re instantly placed facing the gamer to take care of. The target is to attempt to fix all zombies which were played on the cards that you already have on your hands. Any significant zombies can lead to injury and kill you.

Disposing of zombies might be completed in two distinct ways, and also the process is always to balance out them. To begin with, you could kill them in the event they come back into the heap of cards that they originated out of. Instead, in the event that you’re able to just drop, they’re placed to a drop deck, which divides your hands.

As you advance from the match, zombies are stronger and tougher to be at. This places an excellent concentrate on building the deck having competent cards on in the match.

best zombie board games after the virus components

Your personalities may just take two wounds until they perish, that isn’t just a lot, especially in the next area of the overall game. This leaves upfront preparation and deck construction overriding to living 20 rounds afterward which you create through and win this match.

Following the herpes virus can be definitely an effortless zombie card game that may be enjoyed with up to 3 players, however, is played. With just 30 cards so, it includes great decisionmaking, tactical selection, and tons of chuckles and giggles.

If you’re interested in finding a quite straightforward deck construction zombie match which it is possible to enjoy solo and sporadically using additional, Following the herpes virus can be actually an excellent zombie card-game to think about.

After The Virus by Fryx Games, A Cooperative Zombie Deckbuilder
  • After the Virus is a cooperative deckbuilding game where ever increasing numbers of zombies are added to your deck while you work to complete mission goals.
  • Gear up! Save survivors! Mow down hordes of zombies!
  • For 1-3 players | Ages 14+ | Playing time: 30 minutes
  • English (Publication Language)



Tiny Epic Zombies continues the tendency of powerful board game attempts financed through the kick-starter bringing 40 days of their initial vowed figure.

It’s a fast-paced zombie survival game board game that supports both competitive and cooperative modes of drama with.

In reality, you can find five distinct ways to play with the game as players may freely choose their negative and also whether they would like to participate in the group or maybe not.

Your options are: team gambling game commanded zombies, team vs. player-controlled zombies free for many vs. game commanded zombies free for many Holdem player-controlled zombies, or simply just solo.

Enrolling at the center may be your courtyard that functions as your safe distance; just one that your zombies are trying to strike. The courtyard is guarded with a barricade which you could slowly increase in potency as the match grows.

The mall which encircles the courtyard comprises 2 double-sided tiles which are intentionally placed, making each match lay out differently. As the sides possess different art, the distinctive events, and abilities you profit out of the space in every shop change marginally.

For humans to acquire, they need in order to accomplish three specific objectives.

Tiny Epic Zombies review human closeup

Playing as humans, you are going to end up always on the conduct scorching for firearms to fight zombies and advancement in achieving among their objectives.

Turns on average contain three proceed activities and based on which you wind up, additional activities may possibly become triggered. By way of instance, in the event that you wind up sharing a room with a zombie, you’re able to fight it, even if you wind up in an adjoining space, then you can take it.

After completing three moves, human players may hunt the room in order to find valuable objects, like firearms, so they can fight zombies. Occasionally, you will find more zombies, in the place of weapons, which means that you will never know.

Making your endings managing and efficient the zombie count may be the trick to winning the match. You finally want to go and strike as economically as possible considering that enough period until the equipment go out is constrained.

Playing with zombies, you have to get a grip on most of them. Your purpose is to set and proceed zombies around in a way that individual players become overrun or perhaps the courtyard becomes overrun.

Whichever side you decide to play, the rules are straightforward and simple to master. It’s also visually appealing because the artworks and also miniatures appear amazing. They put in a specific personality and soda into the general visual allure of this match.

Tiny Epic Zombies can be actually a quick-paced, simple-to-master board game that’s full of fun and action. It’s five distinct approaches to play with the match, however, the team player commanded zombies packs probably the maximum entertainment and player interaction.

The board game might be both enjoyed by anybody ten decades and old with any degree of experience at board games.

No products found.


best zombie board games the walking dead all out war

Walking Dead: all-out War is headtohead survival mini encounter collection in the countryside. The match is centered on an extremely common The Walking Dead collection.

Each character has unique features, starting abilities, and items that, if so are used sensibly, can offer a terrific tactical advantage when required.

The miniatures are exceptionally expressive, detail by detail and so are of a high notch quality. If you want painting, then they have been put to make every daily life.

Every participant has to reflect a set of survivors who are pitted against each other in a sour but enjoyable fight such as provides.

Additionally, the Walking Dead: all-out War includes Walkers that have become noise sensitive, so ergo if you’re not silent enough in anything you are doing, then you can soon find them marching towards you personally.

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Zombies walk into a direct line, therefore if there’s a barrier along how (e.g., barricade or an automobile ), they certain to drift to it. At precisely the exact same period, this brainless zombie urge may be applied as a strategic advantage by luring zombies to other survivor classes to commence combat.

To re-create the atmosphere of this collection, the bottom game is place across Atlanta as well as the neighboring places and includes overlapping items comprised in the box like a gambling pad, provides, barricades, and abandoned cars.

That will assist you to move characters around, the board game includes a measuring pole that lets you compute the travel space. That is typical for some tabletop wargames.

Winning the fight rips zombies down, yet they are able to still wake up after in the procedure. Should you, nevertheless, would like to expel zombies from the board game, then a vital hit is demanded.

One of many high lights of this plank is just two unique collections of rule books. It’s meant for novices to learn about the elementary rules of this sport and help them reach the ground running early. The other publication is tailored to an advanced level audience and covers catchy locations, complex cases, and mechanisms.

best zombie board games the walking dead all out war components

The board game includes amazingly detailed miniatures and components that are dripping with the motif. If you’re interested in finding a tabletop wargame with zombies rather than troops, then you could have only found the very best case round.

Top-rated ZOMBIE Table-top Shoot-out CONCLUSION

There are dozens and dozens of zombie board games on the market which can be a perfect pastime with your buddies. There is something special regarding ghosts, zombies, and other wolves which claim to become a fantastic match for huddling along with a band of friends.

If you’re a zombie board game enthusiast, then gather your collection of friends, dim the lights, then prepare yourself to see examples of dread that a board game could deliver. As mentioned above, you’ll find lots of zombie board games that you love, although people mentioned previously seem are the ideal.

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Some reason regarding why the aforementioned -notably Tiny Epic Zombies, yesterday on the planet, Zombicide: Dark Plague, along with The Walking Dead: Out War – will be the most useful are thanks to simple rules of drama as well as great picture layouts and ease-of-play that communicates a number of the above-mentioned games.

In general, the above-mentioned board games are appropriate to get a lazy day with friends of friends or alone if you wish. They could be enjoyed alone or with friends of friends. Watch what it seems as though to flee while still avoiding being eaten alive with blood-thirsty zombies.

Author: Marta Deal

Hi! My name is Marta. I have been interested in board games for many years and have played many of them personally. After gaining experience, I decided to create a website and tell you about my favorite board games. Share your impressions in the comments.

15 thoughts on “Zombie board game. Top 10 games”

  1. Feels like Dead of Winter is quite an ordinary co-op puzzle game, where the scenario passage plan is outlined immediately after the announcement of the general goal for the party. We need samples of zombies – we beat zombies, we need to collect canned food – we shovel cards in locations. With the tasks, everything is extremely clear, and they, in principle, are rather primitive, another thing is that when solving these problems, you need to take into account many variables, both predictable and completely random. On them, in fact, the whole game is built.

    • Hello John, thank you for your comment! Zombie puzzle games are really great! Dead of Winter: a crossroads game is simply gorgeous. I think you will also like AFTER THE VIRUS board game, which i guess now even more must have, i mean Corona time

  2. An excellent post-apocalyptic survival game. A kind of zombie drama in which, as in the TV series “The Walking Dead”, sometimes we have to make difficult moral choices (to which we are pushed by the maps of intersections). Overcoming the crisis, pursuing a common goal, as well as its own, the game reminds us that the main problem of the “end of the world” is not zombies, but people themselves.
    + – Crossroads maps introduce plot twists and make choices;
    – Possibility of a traitor to appear in the game;
    – 10 scenarios and their sophisticated options;
    – Survival in a constant crisis.
    – Cardboard figures of zombies and survivors. Plastic miniatures would have looked better.

  3. Please tell me in DEAD OF WINTER: A CROSSROADS GAME: 1) if my character has 2 weapons equipped, the first is an adjustable wrench, the second is a pistol. Can I use both weapons in one attack? That is, use a 1+ die attack and not roll the damage die from the second weapon. Or can they only be used one at a time?
    2) Do I understand correctly if my character dies, I should immediately lose the third action die?

    • Our expert suggests this:
      No, you cannot combine / lay down weapons. By default, 1 attack uses 1 die and after each attack a damage die is rolled, unless otherwise indicated on the card.
      2) Yes, but you can remove an already used die.

  4. Hello everyone who plays the game!
    We have already learned the rules of dead of winter well, each game is a separate drama with a human factor. Captivating!
    There are a couple more questions, maybe you know the answers.
    1. Can the exile pass cards to other players? For example, the player was exiled, he did not turn out to be a traitor and wants to help the player in the colony.
    2. If there are 2 unreported players left in the colony and there is a question of expulsion. It is logical that one finger will lift up, the second down. Whoever has the first player token decides, right?

    • Good day!
      For questions:
      1. Yes, an exile can transfer cards to other players, following the normal card transfer rules.
      2. Everything is correct, the player who has the first player token decides.

  5. The City of horror zombie game is equally good for both 3 and 6 players. It is really quite different for a different set of players. for 3x it’s almost a euro with everything in mind. For 6 – a talker with agreements and other things. And so and so – equally interesting.

  6. Guys, a few questions about the basic ZOMBICIDE black Plague:
    1. Adventure (10pcs) in the rules can you play as a company or should you start each adventure with the starting equipment?
    2. The second necromancer appears, then the first one (which is already on the field) makes a move, and the necrozone is exposed?
    3. If the second necromancer appears in the room (when the door is opened), then what, the first is advancing, and the necrozone …?
    4. If the first necromancer appears in the room, where should the necrozone be placed? To the room?

  7. Tiny epic Zombies is Another game about survival in a zombie apocalypse. Differs in compactness and various game modes: cooperative, competitive, 1 against all. Cute components, especially weapons for the meeples and minks of the motorcycle and police car. Fast and simple, but seemed monotonous: victory tasks are monotonous (almost everything boils down to “collect and transfer X tokens from map to track”), zombies are killed automatically (the only question is whether they bite before death if you go hand-to-hand), and there are almost no surprises (the situation on the field is predictable and cannot change dramatically. The maximum that the game can surprise is an influx of zombies: -1 hp for a survivor or 2 more zombies than usual)

  8. The Black plague zombicide game is cool. It looks beautiful and large-scale, it is fun and intense to play. Player tablets are VERY cool and functional. In general – a fun and uncomplicated chopper. The main thing is not to play it every night; get bored quickly. And so – a good thing, only expensive. It was a big hit in our company.
    + – minks. Lot;
    – tablets. Really good, especially if there is not enough space on the table and you have to tulle them anywhere;
    – fun and recklessly;
    – somewhere from the middle of the game, you still have to think: one wrong move or a bad result on the dice – and someone won’t see the final …
    – … at the same time, the heroes, having pumped, can take out zombies to the right and left. That is, the players feel cool and do cool things, but if something happens they die like flies. Good balance and serious tension by the end of the game, with a bunch of cinematic moments in the spirit of “and here I am with my last strength! ..”

  9. The Small World game is amazing. It has simple rules, although there are nuances, but they are few. The game is balanced, with the ability to take risks or not. Moreover, the player is free to decide what choice to make: does he want to take a risk with the opportunity to grab more or is guaranteed to get less? Each number of players has its own card. There are not enough races for only 5 players, but they can be increased with the help of add-ons. One of the best board games I’ve ever played.
    + – easy to understand the game;
    – an interesting process of the game;
    – balanced;
    – it is interesting to play both together and at 5;
    – convenient organizer.
    – – after extraction (extrusion) of the components, burrs remain. It looks like it’s badly pressed.

  10. for all the brilliance and brightness of the After the virus zombie game, and even in some cartoonish art of the game, it causes a storm of emotions and tension among the players, and every time the games turn out to be absolutely unpredictable. The feature of the game is both “+” and “-” at the same time that it has not been possible to work out a specific strategy for about a year, since each opponent, on his own, can significantly change the alignment of forces and the presence of players on the field
    + exciting, bright, conflict and emotional game
    – it is difficult, in principle, to choose a strategy, because any action by another player seriously changes the balance of power on the organ map

  11. The zombie always throws one cube in the base, the surviving two. The survivor in the base has a better chance of “pushing away” the zombie than killing it. On the other hand, a zombie has a solid chance of grabbing a survivor and wounding him. The situation changes when the survivor begins to grow overgrown with melee weapons – then the zombie is already much more difficult to inflict a wound. Those. this is a good incentive for survivors to look for weapons, and not to beat crowds of ghouls with fists. If I’m not mistaken, the developer said the same in the combat rules.
    Through the walls. Why not actually? Does it somehow contradict the zombie theme? No – to climb through the windows, rise from the basement, at worst suddenly fall out of the closet – all this zombies love, know how and practice. Without this ability, the game would turn into a stupid wandering of ghouls after survivors on the map, until they start to arrange a shooting gallery with just found pistol-shotguns. What’s the interest for a zombie master? None. And so walking through walls allows you to reduce the distance and enter melee with the owner of a long-range weapon. Well, again, suspense, atmosphere, everything – the survivor never knows exactly where the zombie will turn, trying to get around.

  12. When state “for murder” when attacking a zombie, it is written that by raising hands, the victim is selected (namely the character in City of Horror). When voting for a player distributing finds – it is written on the score 1-2-3, you need to point your finger at the one for whom you are voting.
    it turns out in the second case everything is clear and voting takes place instantly. in the first one you can’t do it – either point your finger at 1-2-3 at the figure.
    What am I leading all this to? many cards are subject to the “cannot be applied immediately after voting” restriction.
    thus the voting process should take place somehow instantaneously, as in the case of the selection of the distributor player.


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