Timeline board game

How good are you really using history?

Have you any idea which came first — rifle wax or even perhaps the clock?

I can not say I loved studying history.

However, I have enjoyed playing with a timeline — an enjoyable family card game exactly about putting ancient events within their proper location.

timeline game
timeline game

How to play Timeline

The timeline can be actually a very simple card game. Accurately determine where all one’s cards proceed at the Timeline and you’re going to win. The tricky part would be making that decision.

Guess where you presume it fits. Every player is dealt a beginning. On every single card is a historical function. It might possibly be an innovation, a discovery, a more famed job, or even perhaps a production and such. Using one side is merely the name along with also an image of this merchandise.

Timeline Classic
  • easy to learn but engaging gameplay make it perfect for players of all ages
  • innovative gameplay makes learning about a specific topic in the past easy, enjoyably competitive, and highly replayable
  • perfectly compatible with other timeline titles for intriguing and challenging combinations
  • brand new packaging that makes the game incredibly accessible and portable
  • Number of players: 2 to 6

On the opposite hand is the exact same info but using the entire year in which the product was initially first made, discovered, or required place. The cards have been dealt so that players do not observe the negative of those cards with the entire year printed onto them.

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1 card is then flipped over at the exact middle of this desk and so the entire year is displayed. Subsequently, players pick a card in their hands and picked where they think that it is going from the deadline.

The player puts the card at the deadline where they think that it goes, they then turn it to demonstrate that the entire year. Should these were not correct, the card remains set up and another player has a turn. In the event the card is at the incorrect location, it is missing and the gamer takes the following card from the draw pile to grow his or her hands.


In the timeline game the first player to knock out almost all their cards wins.

Every card played with creates more choices. That, at the beginning of the game, your options are quite easy. Is it true that your card proceeds before or following the card set out? However, as more cards have been played, the more options and choices have a more technical player to get rid of.

For this simple match, we like how much debate it creates while playing with.

timeline cards photo credit cnidius

Would all the family enjoy the timeline?

The majority of your family should have the ability to take pleasure from Timeline. Of course, the elderly players are getting with an upper hand only because they’ll get a better circumstance on history so when certain events happened.

But, that still is no assurance that parents may be at adolescents. With kiddies rolling history classes, their memories might be much more fresh compared to elders.

Who is able to put their cards first? But despite the fact that Timeline is really a card game even more worthy of the older children and grownups, it does not mean younger kiddies can not love it as well.

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Though Brooke may possibly well not need a fantastic grip on what generations certain occasions happened, she enjoys imagining and watching how it ends up timeline games.

I actually don’t understand just how much memorizing continues with the kiddies, because I have not been able to detect a lot of them even with the several times we’ve played Timeline. But parents may look at time-line as a learning game too effectively — to give their kids a framework of reference for a broad selection of historical happenings.

Additionally, it is compact and nice, which makes it simple to take along traveling or when you are reaching family or friends — just like we all did our latest trip timeline games.

TimelineChallenge Players

Timeline scores well on the”let us play ” game meter as of just how quick and easy it’s to play with. That you never need to think about setup remembering or time rules that are complex. Only take a look at the cards and get started imagining where they proceed.

So if one match finishes, you may still find plenty of cards that have not been touched, and you will want to simply keep moving? The first player to get reviews fun box invention educational cards inventions.

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Asmodee has also released a handful of expansions of all time-line that people think will be great to grab Timeline: Discoveries and Timeline: Ancient Occasions. It may be quite trendy to mix all of them together.

Author: Marta Deal

Hi! My name is Marta. I have been interested in board games for many years and have played many of them personally. After gaining experience, I decided to create a website and tell you about my favorite board games. Share your impressions in the comments.

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  1. Hello. and help with advice, please. once gave a friend an old version of the Timeline in a big box. I liked it very much. I would like to load up and special stages to her. but now everything is completely different in the series. tell me how to be if you buy only 2 new games, then they cannot be mixed with the old one, and it would be more interesting that way. buy all three new ones? but then the old one will be useless. Could you elaborate on what percentage of cards is approximately identical to the old version in the Chosen One?

  2. Hi Melony, thank you for the review of theTimeline board game! The game feels completely unique. This is a quiz with a simple mechanism that is addictive, which is really interesting. beautiful pictures, and the dates are really remembered. I think it would even be suitable for history lessons. learning by playing))

  3. Good day. I got the Timeline “Favorites” and the Timeline “Science and Discovery” today. So, in “Science and Discovery” the cards turned out to be linen, and in “Selected” cardboard ones. This is as it should be, or there is a re-release of the “Favorite” with linen cards. The essence of the game does not change from this, of course, but the different material of the cards in the set is a little not aesthetically pleasing.

  4. The Timeline board game is super, bought on ng so as not to get bored at the table. As a result, we opened it earlier and played together with my husband. The game is very interesting, we learned a lot of new things. I recommend!

  5. The Timeline board game is an incredibly interesting and educational game that increases your erudition and tells about the most significant events in world history in an easy playful way. The package bundle may seem modest – there are only 109-110 double-sided cards and the rules of the game in the set. But believe me – there is everything you need for an interesting and memorable evening.

  6. Timeline board game feels completely unique. this is a quiz with a simple mechanism that is addictive, which is really interesting. beautiful pictures, and the dates are really remembered .. well, and the replay value .. for the replay value there are other boxes 🙂 I think it would even be suitable for history lessons. learning, playing, oga.

  7. Timeline board game good game. It doesn’t take a long time to understand the rules. Open up and play. a great option for students to memorize dates. You can buy multiple editions and shuffle the cards. In general, if there are other options, I plan to buy them all.

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