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Read our guide to General Tips for Terra Mystica for several basic tips.

Terra Mystica board game reviews 2021

This guide presumes you understand the rules; it is not supposed to instruct you on the match.

Now, I am really no expert, however, I really like Terra Mystica and have a tendency to perform pretty much. Over time that there are certainly a couple of things that I have acquired and that is exactly what I will give out now.

This is simply not an excuse to playing with any particular faction since there is a great deal of helpful, faction-specific manuals on the web already.

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Terra Mystica

But if you’ve resolved to see a Terra Mystica plan guide without ever played the game, then allow me to let you know a touch about this. In Terra Mystica 2-5 players choose the roles of different-colored Factions making use of their particular unique abilities.

Within 6 rounds players can terraform property, build and upgrade buildings, and snore at different Cult Tracks. Each round can have a certain scoring goal and players may also gain points into the match because they build Towns or through faction-specific powers.

At the close of the match, players can profit points in line with the most significant pair of buildings that are connected (sprawl) and the maximum positioning on every one of the 4 Cult Tracks. The player having the most points wins… This brings us to your guide about the best way best to get things!

Play Together With Varied Turn Order

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This is simply not so much plan as overall advice to get a much better and more fair match for everybody. The very first expansion implies a rule change that permits tactical departure so as to maintain your investment turn sequence to that upcoming round.

It’s a pretty basic fix: another round’s turn sequence is set by the sequence players passed. With no diverse turn sequence, you could wind up always being past only since the player to a left always moves first (it’s happened to me personally and it stinks).

This really is the board that is included with the Ice and Fire extension to permit for diverse twist sequence, but you definitely do not require the expansion to engage in this manner.

Meeple Mountain’s Tom Franklin utilizes abbreviated players and Teams choose the best available number whenever they pass. The tokens then let you know that the flip sequence for another round. Be Strategic if Deciding a Faction Terra Mystica.

There’s not any tactical reason I try so, I have only played all of them, and that I love to mix this up. In the event you are picking Factions, then have a peek at what other players were chosen. That you never desire other players terraforming your homelands Terra Mystica.

By way of instance, if the additional players ‘ are Grey Factions, usually do not opt for a Green Faction. The struggle for land is going to most likely end up costing you a lot of surplus resources.

Burn up Some Power (game board)

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Terra Mystica

Power is also well, powerful once you own it Bowl 3. But you start with 1 2 Power Saver, it may take a long time for everything to ring around from Bowl inch, to Bowl two, to Bowl 3 at which you are able to in fact use it. Because of this I usually burn off the 3 4 Power ancient game.

Does this permit extra action in the match once you need them to begin your search motor, but in addition, it puts you to circulate your Electricity quickly, meaning Power Saver to invest all through the full game?

Get Your Strong-hold Early

This pertains to the majority of Factions, based upon the strong-hold ability. For Factions that provide you a round-based activity (Witches, Swarmlings, etc.), the sooner you obtain your stronghold outside, the higher.

In such scenarios, unless the next round bonus is to get building the Stronghold/Sanctuary, then I get my stronghold outside at Round 1. Aside from exactly what Faction you are playing with, you are going to initiate the match with enough funds to construct your stronghold on the very first turn Terra Mystica.

Intend to Construct Least 2 Towns

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Terra Mystica

This ought to be an objective from the start of the match. You will need a region where you are able to reasonably hope to construct 3-4 hexes.

Towns provide you a fantastic point hike in addition to some necessary resources/benefits. You’re able to benefit from this Sanctuary’s capacity that will assist you to attain this; the most distinctive ability of this Sanctuary will be always to create a City with just 3 buildings.

But unless you’ve got exactly the Favour tile which enables one to make a City with just 6 Electricity, this means a City which likewise features a Dwelling along with your strong-hold or two Trading House/Temples (Terra Mystica).

This could be hard for those who are not flush with cash, especially if you are off in your own lonesome and need to pay for full-price to the Trading Homes. Speaking of that…

Do Not Be Scared to Construct Near People

It could be tempting to nestle yourself at a corner which means that you never need to compete to exactly the exact same real property because of your own competitors.

As soon as it’s wonderful to own your territory, building a lot from the competitors means that you pay more for Trading Homes and also cannot acquire Electricity in their activities. Be careful with more folks encroaching on exactly the very same hexes you are trying for, but be sure to’s balancing risk and benefit.

As the existing round’s grading tile might not necessarily be achievable (just like town bonus developing from the very first round), those round-to-round scoring chances are an excellent method to produce your plan to your match.

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For those who have the tools to build a Trading House, nevertheless, you will have 3 points to build it then it may be best to maneuver and wait it out Terra Mystica.

At the start of the match, have a good look at the way a Cult Track bonuses lineup up. Intend to maneuver upon paths in a means which may maximize the range of bonuses that you buy.

As an example: when from the very first round you want 4 Water to acquire the Cult bonus, however, the 2nd and next round possess incentives for Breeze, it could be best to buildup to greater bonuses out of your Breeze track since those goals match each other.

Make Flexible

In case the master plan you’ve crafted isn’t working outside, it’s vital in order to pivot. As an example, if you were working towards sprawl but realize you’ve lost it over the previous round, turn your time towards a various late-game supply of things.

You might even slip a triumph over the Cult trail using some carefully chosen Favour tiles or even City bonuses. Recognize what chances continue to be feasible and work at them.

But Most Of All Have a Great Time


While I play with Terra Mystica, I usually return at the dent I have last time that I played with that Faction. I am always attempting to improve my final evaluation rather than ruining my contest.

An extreme game such as Terra Mystica can strain a great deal of contest, therefore it is crucial that you bear in mind you are playing to have fun, perhaps not lose your cool after among one’s competitors ruins your aims or kicks your buttocks.

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And that is about this. Beyond playing you personally, there is very little more I could perform. If you imagine I have missed some critical strategies or in the event that you should be one of the players who won’t burn power, don’t hesitate to comment below and let me imagine I am mistaken.

Author: Marta Deal

Hi! My name is Marta. I have been interested in board games for many years and have played many of them personally. After gaining experience, I decided to create a website and tell you about my favorite board games. Share your impressions in the comments.

11 thoughts on “Terra Mystica”

  1. Terra Mystica one of the best euro games, it’s not in vain that it climbed so high! In fact, I would give her the top 5))) Are the rules only in German does it have English version?

  2. Hi Alex, thanks for the detailed review of the Terra Mystica board game! Components are definitely one of the strengths of TM. A mountain of cardboard and pieces of wood will delight the eye of even the most sophisticated Europhile. To accommodate all this stuff, the standard rectangular box had to be slightly increased in height.

  3. An excellent euro with resource management and various asymmetric races, where conflict situations can arise at most due to the fact that someone quickly took an action for power, dug up the ground or put a priest. An obvious disadvantage is the entry threshold, but if you overcome it, a very interesting and clever Terra Mystica board game is created

  4. It’s hard to say, until I have played 30 games, it can be a little over 10. But for now, not everything is 100% clear even for one race, I’m talking about the most winning strategy. True, I fell in love with the Terra Mystica board game, I like everything !!
    There is no interaction between players at all, zero. I do not know where this infa comes from. Replayability – the add-on can help a lot in this matter.

  5. Yes, it’s cool to cut your opponent it terra suddenly at the right moment so that his efforts were in vain and he could not realize his plan, Break off, so that until the end of the round he silently smokes bamboo while others go to victory. This is a thrill.
    But this, as for me, is in any good and thoughtful strategy.

  6. I see no reason to argue, because the Terra Mystica game comes to someone, but not to someone. Personally, right after buying the game, I played all races within a week, and I didn’t want to stop. It is possible that hard-core players can figure out the tactics for each race so quickly, but it seems to me that this will take at least three times to play for each of them. A total of 42 batches, which more than compensates for the cost of this box.
    There is interaction between the players, although it is not so active.

    • The 5 game aspects for which the players compete with each other are well described. Indeed, sometimes, having conceded in the struggle for a city token, taking into account which he planned further moves, one has to reconsider the nearest tactical decisions.

  7. Excellent overview. Everything turned out exactly the same with Terra Mystica, just like it was written under a carbon copy =). At first, there were some concerns about the hard core, after the risk of buying, the rapture of the game process came. For two, the game is also going great, you just don’t have to be separated far from each other. My wife and I often play together, we agreed that we will not use some of the islands (ala the overlays on the map in the Game of Thrones when playing with an incomplete composition), so that the struggle for land and the spirit of the neighborhood would be preserved =). The games are not long, a little longer, but rather dynamic and moderately tense.

  8. Hello! Recently bought the game Terra Mystica. A question about the rules: how does transformation work? Is it a separate activity or not? As far as we understood from the rules, on your turn you can perform an action of force and get 1-2 shovels, and then use them to transform the earth and build a house. However, then the rule is violated that only 1 action out of 8 indicated in the player’s memo can be selected per turn. Please help me figure it out, otherwise we are completely confused.

    • Good afternoon,!
      That’s right, you cannot perform several actions in one of your turns. However, taking the power action bonus already includes a free transformation (p. 18 in the rules): “Perform the transformation action immediately …”

  9. I am reminded of Game of Thrones where territorial control decides. Cyclades, where control of territories decides. Kemet, where the control of the territories decides. Are you seriously saying that territorial control is as critical in Terra as it is in Kemet?
    If not, then Terra is not about control of territories (although it is present slightly), but about something else.


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