Coup Game Rules

Coup Game Rules board game

In the not too distant future, the government can be conducted to gain a fresh»imperial course» of transnational CEOs.

Their greed and total control of the market have decreased but a privileged few suffer from poverty and despair board game.

Choice of administration
Indie Boards and Cards Coup (The Dystopian Universe)
Indie Boards and Cards Coup Rebellion G54 Card Game
Coup Reformation (An Expansion)
Indie Boards and Cards Coup (The Dystopian Universe)
Indie Boards and Cards Coup Rebellion G54 Card Game
Coup Reformation (An Expansion)
Price not available
Choice of administration
Indie Boards and Cards Coup (The Dystopian Universe)
Indie Boards and Cards Coup (The Dystopian Universe)
Indie Boards and Cards Coup Rebellion G54 Card Game
Indie Boards and Cards Coup Rebellion G54 Card Game
Price not available
Coup Reformation (An Expansion)
Coup Reformation (An Expansion)

Out of these oppressed masses climbed The Opposition, an undercover company dedicated to overthrowing these principles that are powerful. The valiant attempts of the game.

The Resistance have generated discord, intrigue, and weakness from the governmental courts of their nouveau imperial game, attracting the government to the verge of collapse. However, also for you, a robust government official, that will be the opportunity to govern, bribe, and knock your way to an absolute power board game.

To be prosperous, you need to ruin the impact of one’s competitors and drive them to exile. In such tumultuous times, there’s room for someone to live.

Coup Game Rules
Coup Game Rules

Foreign aid

Shuffle all of the smoothness cards and bargain two to every participant. Players who are always able to examine their cards must maintain them face down facing those. Place the rest of the cards in the center of the drama field whilst the courtroom deck game.

Each player’s currency has to be maintained observable. Place the rest of the coins at the center of the drama field since the Treasury.

Give 1 summary card to every player. This will be for reference only. Players should familiarize themselves with the characters and actions prior to beginning the match.

The man or woman who won the previous match starts loses an influence. To eradicate the effect of the rest of the players as well as the last herd game.

Face-down cards facing a new player represent that they sway. The characters printed on down their face cards represents which personalities that player influences along with their own abilities.

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Whenever a new player loses an effect they must turn over and show you of these face cards down game. Unveiled cards remain face up in the front of the ball player observable to everyone and also now not provide sway on your ballplayer lose an influence.

Each player always selects that of these very own cards they would like to show whenever they lose an effect court deck game.

As soon as a person has lost their sway that they truly are exiled and outside of this match.

Each turn a person selects one activity just. A new player might not even pass the game.

Subsequent to the activity is preferred others have a chance to challenge or counteract these actions.

Lose an influence

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When an activity isn’t contested or counteracted, the activity automatically succeeds. Winners are solved first before any actions or counteraction is resolved.

When a person has lost their sway along with their cards will be face up in the front of these, and they have been instantly from this matching game. They leave their cards faceup and reunite each of their coins into the Treasury.

The match game ends if you have just 1 player left.


A new player can pick any actions they need and will afford. Some activities (Character Tasks ) require changing characters.

Should they pick a Character Action A-player needs to maintain that the necessary personality is among these face cards down. They are telling the facts or bluffing. They don’t have to disclose someone or down their face cards till they’re contested. Should they’re not contested they mechanically triumph?

When a new player starts their turn together with 10 (or longer ) coins they must establish a Coup which turns as their sole action.

Require Inch coin out of the Treasury.

Require 2 coins out of the Treasury. (Could be obstructed with the Duke)

Pay 7 coins into your Treasury and establish a Coup against the other player. That player instantly loses an effect. A Coup is definitely profitable. If you begin your turn with 10 (or longer ) coins you’re required to establish a Coup.

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(If contested a participant needs to reveal they affect the Appropriate character)

  • Duke — Legislation
  • Require 3 coins out of the Treasury.
  • Purchase 3 coins into your Treasury and establish an assassination against the other player. When successful that player instantly loses an effect on indie boards. (Could be obstructed with the Contessa)
  • Simply take 2 coins out of the other player. Should they just have one coin, then simply take one. (Could be obstructed with the Ambassador or even the Captain)

Exchange cards together with all the Court. First, take two random cards out of the courtroom deck. Choose which, if any other, to swap to your chosen cards. Subsequently, reunite two cards into your courtroom deck.

Counteractions might be obtained by additional players to either intervene or obstruct a person’s actions.

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They don’t have to present any cards unless contested. Counteractions could possibly be contested, however should not contest they mechanically triumph. When an activity is counteracted, the activity fails however any coins paid-as the total cost of this activity remain spent.

Any player asserting the Duke can counteract and prevent a new player from trying to amass foreign aid character cards.

  1. The ball player hoping to acquire foreign aid receives no more jewels which turn.
  2. The gamer character cards that will be imprisoned may assert the Contessa and counter-act to obstruct the assassination.
  3. The assassination fails however, the commission covered by the ball player for that assassin stays invested.
  4. The gamer that is stolen from could assert both Ambassador or the Captain and counter-act to obstruct the steal.
  5. The ball player hoping to sneak receives no more jewels which turn.

Counteractions operate like personality activities. Players can assert to impact one of those characters and utilize their own abilities to counteract yet another player. They are telling the facts or bluffing indie boards.

Any activity or counteraction utilizing personality sway can be contested.

Every other participant can issue a challenge to a new player whether or not they’re involved with the activity.

Once an act or counteraction is announced other players need to receive a chance to challenge. Once play continues challenges can’t be retroactively issued.

When a new player is contested they must prove that they had the essential influence by revealing the appropriate character is just one of these face-down cards. In case they can not or don’t want to, either establish it, then they lose the process. Should they are able to then the challenger loses character cards.

Whoever loses the process instantly loses an effect.

When a person wins a struggle by revealing the appropriate character card, then they return that card into the Court deck, then re-shuffle that the Court deck and also choose a random replacement card.

(This way they’ve not lost sway and also other players don’t know the brand new impact card that they will have ). Afterward, an action or counteraction is resolved.

Note: Dual Hazards of Assassination

It’s likely to reduce 2 sway in 1 twist in the event that you unsuccessfully shield against an assassination.

By way of instance, if you challenge the assassin used against you personally and reduce the challenge, then you will definitely lose 1 influence to your lost challenge after which inch sway to your profitable assassination coup.

Or whenever you bluff about using the Contessa to obstruct an assassination effort and are contested, you are going to definitely lose 1 influence to your lost struggle and lose 1 influence to your profitable assassination coins from another player play income take block reviews.

Total (Insufficient ) Trust


Any discussions are enabled, but you’re binding. Players aren’t permitted to show someone of these cards to others call last player standing.

No coins might be lent or given to others.

When an activity is challenged the full actions neglect character cards, and some other coins paid-as the total cost of this activity are returned to the gamer.

Indie Boards and Cards Coup (The Dystopian Universe)
  • Ages 10 and up
  • For 2 to 6 players
  • Playable in 15 minutes
  • Package Dimensions: 3.2 L x 15.087H x11.303W(centimeters)
  • English (Publication Language)

There’s not any second location.

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Two-player Coup & 2 Player Variant

After playing Coup with just two players, then the starting player receives just one coin at the start of the video game. Board games

As a version, Coup could be performed with just two players together with all these modifications to the installation: card game foreign aid take two coins coup pay play new game games last player fun play games

Split the cards into some 3 sets of 5 (each place has one of each personality ). Every participant takes one particular place, secretly selects a card, and discards the remainder.

Shuffle the 3rd group and then deal 1 card to each player and put the rest of the cards down whilst the deck.

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  1. The decor is gorgeous, immediately reminiscent of the world of Dune. The box is small, you can take it with you anywhere to play in the company without any problems. True, I do not quite agree that the Coup game is intended for 2-3 players, it clearly needs more people to feel the whole mechanics of the game and feel it to the fullest. Played in pairs and threesomes — not at all.

  2. Hi, thanks for the detailed review of the Coup board game! Cool game, at one time went very well really well in company. The famous children of Lieutenant Schmidt: Ostap Bender and Shura Balaganov, as well as the goose-stealer Panikovsky — these are the true masters of posing as influential persons without having any connections behind them! The Coup board game will give every player the opportunity to try on the role of an impostor and bluff.

  3. Coup cool game, especially this one. At one time I was looking for it to create a PNP, I did not find it, I printed a standard localized version (where the Advisor, Princess, etc.) I went very well in our company. Coup Game Rules was fast to get as well

  4. The Coup game is very cool, but the rules are poorly composed and confusing for such an uncomplicated game. I recommend editing and tweaking — the game clearly has a lot of potential. Question. When the Assassin kills one of the enemy characters, which of the two? Whose choice?

  5. Coup is Best Game I’ve played (Resistance, Dwarf Pests, Masquerade, Citadels, Bang). Fast games, maximum bluffing mechanics, interesting setting. Comes with a bang to almost everyone.

  6. Coup is the game is very good for everyone, I can recommend it. We played 20 games, sometimes from three to five players, it is played well. By the way, the quality of my publication was at the level of modern games, and the art is wonderful.

  7. Aiming to «take out» a particular player is not such an easy task, even in a crowd. It used to be that several people were «hurt» about me, which greatly cools hot heads. A question of alignment and ability to bluff. And then, such a tactic hurts the “enduring” ones too, it reduces their chances of winning. If this continues from game to game, this is a reason to change the company.

  8. I propose to use the Reformation add-on for the Coup game, in which the players are divided into 2 teams. Players of one team cannot perform actions on each other while there are players from the other team. The teams are dynamic. You can change your team for 1 coin and the team of any other player for 2 coins. It is not even necessary to buy an add-on, it is enough to use and use coins or other trinket to indicate teams.

  9. A celebration of minimalism in its purest form and a must-have for the home collection. Coup makes a revolution in the world of psychological games, overthrowing the seemingly firmly established Mafia from the throne.


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