Betrayal at House on the Hill: Rules Overview

Looking for something to suit the subject of one’s spookiest game night?

Betrayal at House on the Hill

Research a cursed home that has a little band of friends — afterward, make an effort to survive when among the friends turns in Betrayal at House on the Hill. This match is bursting with B movie horror flavor. And it is best enjoyed with an organization that buys all-in to the role-playing aspects of the match.

The mechanics and rules are simple when you get going, and also a whole lot of what are the results is left to the will of the Celtics. That tends to make this the ideal match for a social event get-together.

In this Guide, I’m going to walk you through the basics of how to create and play around Betrayal at House on the Hill.

Looking for something to fit the theme of your spookiest game night? Check out this overview of Betrayal at House on the Hill rules to plan your evening. 

Let’s get going!

Asmodee Vieyal at House on The Hill, connoisseurs, Narrative Game, German
  • In this cooperative connoisseur game, you slip into the roles of adventurers and examines a creepy old house. Be careful everywhere lurk dangers
  • Explore the house and discover more rooms. In the rooms you can find something ... or something will find you. Your adventures can change to good or bad depending on how you react
  • Some adventures randomly trigger the haunted scenario. From here your group shares, because then one becomes a traitor and the others become heroes
  • From this moment the horror game transforms into a battle between traitors and heroes - often until death. To win the game, you must fulfil the victory condition of your side
  • 3-6 Players | From 12+ Years | Up to 60+ Minutes Playing Time per Game | Game in German

Oh, and watch your step. Sometimes a ground has a method of falling out in clumps under you in these old houses.

1. What’s in the Box?


Inch Rule-book

Two Haunt Novels — both the Traitor’s Tome along with also the Secrets of Survival. Place these aside, you will not need them until the second half of the match.

Inch Entrance Hall Tile. This 3-tile long hallway serves as the starting tile to your own map you’ll play on.

44 Room Tiles. These will be used to construct the home easily while you play. The cards inform you of each personality’s starting skill grades. Every single Mini corresponds to a Character Card, with a matching color scheme. These minis reflect your personality on the map during this game.

These cards will likely be attracted some times when you research a new area and may help or hinder you. Should you draw an Omen you risk tripping the Haunt.

8 Dice. You’ll observe that the numbers are odd, and some sides are sterile. The sterile sides are considered a roster of 0 that perish.

30 clips. These are utilized to track your ability scores in your Personality Card.

Assorted tokens. In any particular match, you may not use nearly all of them — lots of them are only utilized in specific events or Haunt scenarios.

2. The Basic Idea and Game Objective

Betrayal at House on the Hill lets you step into the Environment of B movie terror. There are two different phases of this game.

First, you and another player will learn more about your house, placing tiles down and sometimes picking up cards out of the 3 decks (Omens, Things, and Events).

In the 2nd phase, the horror aspect of the video game gets more apparent as your intrepid heroes must band together to survive among fifty Haunt scenarios.

Every one of you, that is, except you. That is perfect! This match is only mostly cooperative.

Hall foyer grand staircase, entrance hall foyer grand

One lucky player will probably be called the traitor, receiving their particular pair of aims.

That you do not understand this player will probably be until somebody triggers the Haunt scenario.

This would make it hard to anticipate each other too far in the early part of the overall game. House on the hill betrayal at house room tiles.

Any player could possibly be the person trying to kill you after the Haunt begins!

3. Establishing to Play

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  • The first step to start is putting out your game area.
  • Split your 3 decks, so making a stack for each — Omens, Items, and Occasions.
  • In the middle, leaving a lot of space for the map to grow, place your starting tiles.
  • There are 3 floors to your house on the Hill — An top-notch level, a ground level, and a cellar.
  • For your ground level, the starting tile is your 3-tile long hallway mentioned earlier.
  • You can even find that an Upper Landing and also a daybed Fireplace, which will be the starting tiles for their respective floors.
  • Place the remaining tiles face-down at a pile.
  • You may draw from the pile all through the game as you learn more about the house.
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  • Be the Boss: The Guide to the Boss Man card sport
  • In the end, select your characters.

4. Meet up with the Explorers

There are just six Character Cards, each using two explorers to select out of (the cards really are two-sided).

Find the mini that corresponds with your Character (the color should fit ) and then place it onto the Entrance Hall tile.

Realize that each character lists four key abilities: Might, Speed, Knowledge, and Sanity.

Your personality’s starting ability scores are highlighted in your Personality Card.

The match provides markers you may affix into the smoothness Cards to track these scores as they change.

If you will find the markers hard to use, and you may very well, you may even track your skill scores with paper and pencil.

Do you have everything setup and ready to move?

5. Input the Home on the Hill

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Second Edition, such as The Hill: Window’s Walk

The character with the next birthday (it’s on the Character Card!)

On your turn, you are able to move your character a number of Room Tiles equal-to an own Speed. It is possible to pass doors — these are indicated with yellowish outlines over the Room Tiles.

Whenever you go through the unexplored doorway, draw a Room Tile and place it next to the room you’re moving out of.

A Couple of important notes concerning drawing and putting them tiles:

You have to draw an area Tile right for the floor you are on. The backs of the tiles inform you exactly what floors they are sometimes utilized on. If the very best tile is not usable to your floor you’re on, place it aside to shuffle into a brand new draw pile if needed later.

  • You must place the tile so the doorway in the Area Tile you are moving out of is touching a doorway on Your Room Tile
  • There are a number of specific tiles, with all rules published on them describing their unique consequences.
  • Your turn ends either once you run out of moves or you discover a room having a logo on your tile.

The symbols correspond with one of those 3 draw piles — that the bull’s skull to get Items, the coil for Events, along with the raven for Omens.

6. Drawing Cards

Items may be one-time use cards that give you some bonus or advantage the turn you utilize them. They could also be equipment like firearms or armor to improve your fighting abilities. Keep your thing cards before you keep tabs on exactly what you’ve seen.

Events are cards that produce something that happens right away. This might require a few rolls onto your part to prevent a bad outcome. Once you do what the card says, you drop it unless it says differently.

Omens may be a very good or a bad thing for the personality, but regardless of what you draw, it will bring you one step nearer to the Haunt. Every single time you draw an Omen card, at the close of the turn you get a roll to determine if the Haunt does occur. In the event the result of the roster is less compared to the range of Haunt cards drawn across the game thus far, the next phase will begin!

This is the point where it gets interesting.

7. Triggering that the Haunt

house interior map1

It wouldn’t be Betrayal at House on the Hill when there was not likely to be well, a betrayal.

Once the Haunt roster is neglected, consult the graph provided in the forbidden Traitors to me. This will reveal the scenario that you will play, as well as the identity of the traitor!

Check the area Tile you come in and the Omen card you drew to activate the Haunt. Line them up on the dining table for your scenario amount. This scenario will tell you how exactly to establish who the traitor is.

If there’s a tie, whoever triggered the Haunt may be that the traitor. If neither of those players who tie is the person that triggered the Haunt, it goes to the player nearest with the right.

8. Kill Friends and Family!

Let us be honest, this is what you’re here for.

The traitor chooses the Traitor’s to me and leaves the living room to plot the downfall of the”friends”. If that is you, you will turn to the Haunt scenario number on your to-me and also read up on your new objectives.

As the traitor, You’ll Be gaining some unique benefits in the second phase of the game, allowing you to Blow Off adverse ramifications of rooms.

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Ignore event cards. If you decide to have an event card, you’ve got to take the consequences — bad or good!

Congratulations, if you are one of those remaining players, you’re the heroes now!

The personalities receive their particular group of objectives to accomplish to be able to flee your house on the hill. Just take a while to read the scenario in your thoughts of Survival novel and come up with a game plan!

Once the Haunt begins, the turn order resets — starting with the player to the traitor’s left and moving clockwise.

9. Running the Monsters

Rather than moving their maximum rate, you must roll a number of dice equal to their own rate. The outcome is how many tiles they could move that turn.

Most critters can not be murdered, rather becoming startled if they are damaged in combat. Flip their token over until their next turn, then jump this twist once it comes and twist back the token again.

Monsters also slow personalities that attempt to move past them. To make a room with a monster in this, a hero has to spend an additional movement.

10. Try Not to Die!

The remainder of the match is the actual activity, with all the personalities and also the traitor both vying to complete their objectives first. The personalities wish to flee. The traitor would like them dead.

Hopefully, you’ve gathered some good items earlier in the game; you are likely to need them here.

This might also be considered a very good time to warn the personalities which the traitor might not know your objectives. Take care what you say.

At this point in the match, it is also possible to Attack enemies onto your turn.

Combat is resolved by rolling out lots of dice equal to a Might score and including the benefits.

Your target also rolls, and the difference between those two results is how much bodily damage the failure takes.

This implies battle can be insecure — if you choose to attack, you might take damage if you lose!


Whenever you choose physical damage, lessen your physical ability scores (Might or Speed, split how you select ) by this level. Yes, which ensures that as you begin getting beat up, you receive easier to take down.

If you are paid down to a score of zero in any given ability, your character dies. Each of your belongings has been dropped on the ground if anybody is brave or stupid enough to attempt to retrieve them.

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It’s important to note that killing the traitor isn’t a triumph to its heroes. If the monsters can still complete the Haunt objectives, the traitor’s player proceeds to conduct them.

The game ends when either the traitor or the heroes complete the aims set out in their scenario guides.

Therefore, if you should be looking a match at the Halloween spirit, look no farther!


Author: Marta Deal

Hi! My name is Marta. I have been interested in board games for many years and have played many of them personally. After gaining experience, I decided to create a website and tell you about my favorite board games. Share your impressions in the comments.

9 thoughts on “Betrayal at House on the Hill: Rules Overview”

  1. The game is very cool. I played it about ten years ago, it seems, this is my first full-fledged board game. I remember that I also printed out a large stack of rules and maps of Betrayal at House on the Hill
    An original plot, interesting mechanics. It is a pity that there is no localization. If you have the opportunity to play it sometime, I recommend it.

  2. Hi Tom, thanks for the review of the game Betrayal at House on the Hill. Complitly agree with you many scenarios of this game, easy to learn, intuitive mechanics, fascinating stories, drawing cards is amazing as well. Second Edition, The Hill: Window’s Walk is great, try, i am sure you will like

  3. Betrayal at House on the Hill game is just wonderful! for those who like to mess with the rules and play something atmospheric. I played it before with friends, and when I bought my own, I did not deserve to re-read the rules. do not repeat my mistake, it is much more interesting to play if you remember all the rules and keep them
    + very varied game
    it is interesting to play as a traitor – when you are one against all
    it is interesting to play as heroes – team up with friends against a traitor and monsters and build a survival strategy
    – sometimes markers (coffins) move around the maps, you have to watch out so as not to accidentally knock down

  4. The Betrayal at House on the Hill game is excellent, it develops dynamically, the characters are balanced, the average session lasts about an hour and a half (with the number of players 4 people), thanks to the large number of scenarios, you can play many times and not get bored. The rules are not that complicated, but it is necessary to delve into and read, maybe even more than once.

  5. The Betrayal at House on the Hill game is great! Especially when, according to one scenario, the house flies into the air, the basement falls off, and parachutes appear in the rooms … but too few to be enough for everyone, as a result, everyone in the house becomes a traitor =))))))

  6. I decided that I would not bring others around to such a level of English despite translations Betrayal at House on the Hill on the Internet, and localizations in the near future are not planned. I sold the English unpacked and ordered a Russified version of the game “for review.” Received yesterday in Russian from Khan Tokhtamysh. Gorgeous made of course) At the level of our localizers and even better quality of some. Some books of traitors and detectives are worth something. We will study at the weekend, I have high hopes for the number of players and for the duration of the game and for the complexity and atmosphere))

  7. played with more than a dozen different companies (several times with each). The Betrayal at House on the Hill game was not played in only one (and two games were played with this company). In which everyone sat and bored from the very beginning. The game entirely depends on the company, mood and roleplaying at least some. If you play it like a dry Euro-best, do not sit down for it at all. With the infusion “well, let’s try, oh, how many letters … there are some scenarios, why do we need all this? Let’s play already, let’s figure it out on a hike.” For me personally, the game is one of the best (if not the best) atmospheric games. After the game, several companies asked to find and buy a box for them, many entered board games after the first batch of Betrayal … For me personally, this is my favorite game with a unique mechanic for the appearance of a traitor. Or maybe you just do not know how to drive or set the atmosphere?

  8. At the weekend he turned the box in his hands, but decided to postpone the purchase, after all, there is a lot of text and any player will have to read it, and besides, you cannot show it to others. And if not everyone is doing well in a company with English, then difficulties will arise.
    And the Betrayal at House on the Hill game, apparently interesting, and even fast enough for this genre.

  9. Fantastic post, thanks fоr sharing your insights. Ӏ appreсiate tһe detailed
    explanations Deck and Board Gaming hepful tips.
    Іf yօu’ге a fan of board games or card games, ʏou ɗon’t ѡant tօ miss this blog


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