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20 Best 8 Player Board Games

Read on in the event that you are looking for the best 8 player board games as you have arrived at the right spot. This is a significant group, but blessed for you, you can find many wonderful options that may make you stop believing I wish we’re merely two groups of 4 plus 4.

You are in to bash land but you will find a number of other strategic genres which you can become a part of as effectively.

#20 PitchCar


PitchCar makes the list of these best 8 player board games because it is the sole dexterity match suit to place here also it is a whole lot of exciting. Large, wooden, puzzle-like bits are used to construct a race trail that looks very like a slot car monitor when finished.

But instead of using electrons, gamers use finger-flicks to ship small pucks around the trail, a manhattan project Carrom. For two – to 8 players, video games run about 30 minutes.

#19 Elder Sign

Elder SignPin

Elder indication makes the listing of those very best 8 player board games because it is combined but different sufficient to possess enough for you to accomplish using lots always planning on to continue to keep you interested.

Participants consider the roles of researchers racing against the time to fend off the impending return of this Historical One.

Equipped with tools, allies, and occult knowledge, researchers must set their sanity and stamina for the evaluation as they adventure to locate Elder Signs, the eldritch symbols used to seal off the Ancient Ones and win the match. For 1 – 8 players and will last about 90 minutes per match.

#18 Eldritch Horror board game

Eldritch HorrorPin

Eldritch creates the set of the most effective 8 player board games since it’s simply that great of the game, and if you may accomplish the undertaking of sitting down to perform that one with this count, then you have already won.

This is a casino game of dread and adventure in which you as well as other people choose the functions of globe-trotting researchers trying to address mysteries, gather clues, and watch over the planet in the Ancient One.

Mystery cards drive the narrative and will often tell both your travel plans and the hazards that you confront, you can find an experience anywhere in the world. For 1 – 8 players, matches last 2 – 4 hrs each.

#17 Decrypto

decrypto board game organizer with laserdrive expansion 3d model obj fbx stlPin

Decrypto makes the set of this most useful 8 player board game because this really is quite an intriguing party video game that works properly at the count.

Participants compete in 2 groups in Decrypto, together with each trying to correctly interpret the coded messages in their own opponent till they are doing precisely the same.

On just about every workforce’s personal board, you will find four cards tucked right into the different displays (# would 1 — 4). The staff will see these words, the competitions cannot. Every round a single group member of each team could be your decoder and draws a card with a collection of numbers (about the 1 – 4).

They have to receive their staff to suppose this arrangement giving clues, however, you are also giving clues to your own competitor. For 3 – 8 players, online games run 1-5 – 4-5 minutes.

#16 Wits & Wagers

Wits WagersPin

Wits & Wagers makes the list of the best 8 player board games since it’s a top trivia party game however has a very accessible gambling component that only gets much better with more folks.

Participants publish a suspect to a question like”How many feet wide is the NFL football field?” And places it face-up on the gambling mat. There will always be an amount predicated so that there are high/low choices.

After answers are down you can bet for your own answer or someone else’s. The closest response — without even going more — pays out as stated by the likelihood on the betting mat. For 3 – to 7 gamers, games run around 25 seconds.

#15 Citadels

Citadels BoardGame 1024x683 1Pin

Citadels create the listing of this most effective 8 player board game as in a wonderful hidden character sport with a lot of characters to perform, you want a significant group of Players to start the game with lots of cards that are building inside hand.

You’ll find lots of personalities and at the beginning of each round, you start with whoever was simply the king, then players select a character from the pile and then pass them to different people to do precisely the very same.

This lets you perform something which turns that is going to help you build buildings depending on your construction cards. For two — 8 players, matches continue about 30 – sixty seconds.

#14 Memoir ’44

Memoir44 BoardGame 1024x683 1Pin

Memoir ’44 creates the list of these most useful 8 player board games as the war miniatures game works extremely well in its full count.

Players Faceoff in stylized battles of some of their Most Well-known historic conflicts of World War II such as Omaha Beach, Pegasus Bridge, Operation Cobra, and the Ardennes. Every one of the 15 scenarios mimics a person’s historic terrain, troop placements, and objectives of each and every army that you setup.

Then you deploy troops via Command and Tactic cards, even using the exceptional capabilities of his units to accomplish your special objective. For 2 — 8 players, games last about 30 – 60 minutes.

#13 Tsuro

tsuro quick board game box componentsPin

Tsuro creates the listing of the most effective 8 player board games as this can be actually a really fun one where there are lots occurring at a time and there’s room for a big group to acquire in on it.

The objective will be to keep your investment around the board more than someone else’s, but while the board fills up this becomes even harder because there are fewer empty spaces still left… and another participant’s tile may additionally expand your path in a direction you’d rather not move. For two – to 8 players, games continue approximately a quarter-hour.

#12 Cards Against Humanity


Cards Against Humanity makes the listing of the best 8 player board games since it’s a beloved bash game that is employed together a tall count given how far occurs all at once.

The match is similar to making a dirty mad lib. You can find black matter cards and whitened response cards. Each turn a”card czar” flips within a dark card along with the other players use a white card from their own hand. Even the Czar judges predicated on the combo they like most useful and also a place is given.

Very much like Cards Against Humanity in gameplay and in the target market. For 4 – thirty people, video games run about half an hour.

#11 Magic Maze

Magic MazePin

Magic Maze creates the list of this best 8 player board games since that is a great one for this magnitude of the team to successfully work together in high power and fast-paced battle that comes with a few communicating hurdles Each player can control virtually any enthusiast in order to produce this hero play very special action, in the other players do not need access: Move north to research a new region, experience an escalator.

However, you’re permitted to convey just for quick periods during the match; the rest of enough moment, you must play without even committing any visible or sound cues to one another. For 1 – 8 players, games run fifteen seconds.

#10 WWE Legends Royal Rumble

wwe legends royal rumble card game layoutPin

WWE Legends Royal Rumble makes the set of the best 8 player board games as the blend of quick-fire activity and simultaneous move assortment, it was like this had been built for a major set Input the ring since being a WWE Legend and face off against your competitors at the WWE Legends Royal Rumble card-game.

Use electrifying strikes and touch finishing maneuvers to eliminate your competitors. For 2 – 10 players, game titles run thirty — 45 seconds.

#09 One Night Ultimate Werewolf

featured photo min 1Pin

1 Night final Werewolf makes the listing of this most useful 8 player board games because having a hidden role and deduction match like this, you can not do it correctly if you don’t are able to take advantage of a larger depend on characters.

This is a quick match where everybody gets a character: Among the Werewolves, the catchy trouble maker, the beneficial Seer, or certainly one of a dozen different characters, each having a distinctive ability. In the class of one morning, your village will decide who is just a werewolf… For 3 – to 10 gamers, matches are an instant 10 moments.

#08 Formula D

Formula DPin

Method D gets the list of the best 8 player board games since it’s just a racing sport which even now feels tight and thrilling at this top of player rely on.

This is just a high-stakes game where the gamers race simulated vehicles with the hope of crossing the finish line first. Players have to make use of a considerable quantity of preparation and count upon quite a bit of chance.

Every participant handles if to change gears, so with every gear giving another speed, one of the other matters. For 2 – 10 players, online games operate 60 seconds.

#07 Incan Gold (aka Diamant)

IncanGold BoardGame 1024x683 1Pin

Incan Gold makes the list of the most useful 8 player board games since that really is a great drive-you-luck game that directs one deep into a mine since you’re eager to risk moving.

There is plenty happening, but it is breezy and light enough for always a perfect board game for a large group. Incan Gold is now a quick, game where players opportunity mine bottoms or explore trails from the jungle by simply turning up cards out of the deck along with dispersing the jewels you are able to collect.

Prior to the following card is shown, you have the occasion to leave the mine and stash your own holdings, for example, any gems you receive along the exit outside.

#06 Spyfall

great board games for 6 or more players 12Pin

Spyfall makes the listing of the best 8 player board games as a high-energy party game built for a more energetic team. Spyfall goes a number of rounds.

At the beginning of each round, all gamers receive cards showing precisely the very same spot — a casino, even a traveling circus, a pirate ship, or possibly a distance channel — except that one player gets a card that claims”Spy” instead of their place.

Players then begin asking each other questions “Why have you been dressed strangely?” Or”When was the previous time we have a payday loan?” Or whatever else you’re able to come up with — trying to figure who among them is the spy. For 3 – 8 players, game titles run around 15 minutes.

#05 Viva Java

VivaJava BoardGame 1024x683 1Pin

Viva Java makes the listing of their most useful 8 player board games because this match about locating the ideal brew has enough going to always continue to keep the whole band engaged.

Players send their research to hot spots across the globe to gather an ideal bean. This may bring them into contact with other players who are also about the hunt, producing an important selection: Go it alone and continue to research or combine forces with this competition, expecting to combine legumes out of the participant’s bags and also talk about the score having a super blend.

Transferring it independently with lookup may frequently prove useful as players spend the amount of time at the laboratory developing abilities that grant them the advantage.

#04 Bang! The Dice Game

bang cardsPin

Bang! The Dice sport makes the listing of those most effective since this can be a wonderful quick-fire deduction game.

With the only real actions, plenty is occurring at once thus having a big collection does not slow down you. At the start of gameplay, each takes a role card which secretly places them on a group: the Sheriff and deputies, outlaws, and renegades.

Even the Sheriff, deputies, outlaws, and also renegades want to be the very last players residing in the match. On the flip side, a new player could roll the five dice around three days, utilizing the results of the dice to shoot neighboring players, raise the reach of their shots, either heal or do some other things.

#03 Captain Sonar

CaptainSonar BoardGame 1024x683 1Pin

Captain Sonar creates the list of the best 8 player board games because it’s a really interactive club game that simply gets greater at its higher player simplicity.

You along with your teammates control a complex submarine and are trying to locate an enemy submarine in order to blow it out of the water before they are able to perform exactly the exact same for your requirements personally.

Every role is equally important, and the confrontation is merciless. Be organized and communicate because a priest is nothing with no team: the principal Mate, ” the Radio Operator, and the Engineer. For two – 8 players, online games continue 4-5 – sixty seconds.

#02 Camel Up

pic2184943 lgPin

Camel upward makes the listing of this best 8 player board game as it’s a lively racing game using heaps of player interaction which is employed well at this rely on because of the quick-fire gaming essence of this name.

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Everybody bets about five racing camels, looking to suss out which will put first and second in a quick race around a pyramid. The earlier you place your guess, the more you can win.

Camels do not run, but sometimes landing on top of the other one and being transported toward the finish line. It is all dependent on how the stunt is out of the pyramid dice shaker, re-leasing a perish at one moment; point. For two – to 8 players, matches continue about 20 – 30 seconds.

#01 Codenames: Pictures


Code-names: images take the very best spot on the list of this most useful 8 player board game because it’s the best party game round and with 2 groups of 4 players makes it excellent. It is exactly about who is able to pull on their spy operatives outside of this field first.

There is definitely a 5×4 grid in the middle with fascinating pictures, such as, for instance, a monkey with a space helmet for instance, that conceals the spots of each and every team’s spies.

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Each round, one representative of each team gets to find that a decoder card with all the locations and they need to provide one-word hints to their team in order that they can see them.

The trick is you have to supply clues that apply to many of your own cards without even being connected with all your opponents. For 4players, every round is all about 15 minutes.

Author: Marta Deal

Hi! My name is Marta. I have been interested in board games for many years and have played many of them personally. After gaining experience, I decided to create a website and tell you about my favorite board games. Share your impressions in the comments.

15 thoughts on “8 player board games”

  1. I bought PitchCar few days ago it turned out that everything is intuitively simple and understandable.
    + Quality components
    Fun gameplay, even when playing solo.
    The game is easy to learn and in the atmosphere of Lovecraftian horror
    – Small size of dumtokens.

  2. Hi Mike, thanks for the detailed review of the PitchCar game! Try my top 3 board games as well Codenames: Pictures, Camel Up, Captain Sonar. Simple and addicting games, but which will challenge the most avid gamers!

  3. Codenames: Pictures is our favorite game now! We tried it with different people, with different amounts – always with a bang! I like it much more than the first version, where the words are. I am amazed at how much imagination people have … to draw girls with wings, sitting on a clothesline … or a surfer on an ironing board. But the most interesting thing is to unite the non-combinable. Here is a centaur with a motorcycle and a ladder to the cloud instead of a horse. I thought for a long time, said “lean against” 2 and my team guessed it !!! And in this game, interesting different sides of familiar people open up. So a friend does not see the orange at close range, but skillfully unites 5 Karl !! different pictures, and his team guesses !!! This game is a must in your home piggy bank. And here it costs much less than I bought it. Take it urgently)))

  4. I have repeatedly heard that the entire series of “Code Names” is an excellent option to draw people into the world of board games who have never even thought about such leisure before. I agree with this, the rules and the process of the game are so simple in the Codenames that you can sit down to play in 2 minutes after removing the tape from the box. Since the game is a team game, the games are very reckless, as usually the opponents go nose to nose. I like the version “Code Names. Pictures” more, because, unlike the written words, which are understood by everyone plus or minus unambiguously, in pictures each person sees something different, and therefore the game becomes more difficult and more unpredictable, the teams beat more often ” past. ” It is played well by four, six, and a large squad. The main thing is to keep a good pace of the game and come up with associations during the second team’s turn, so as not to sit and wait by the sea for the weather in tense silence.

  5. The Camel Up game is the leader in terms of the number of games and requests for a game day in our company (far from a children’s company). In order not to play up to the holes, we agreed to play no more often than in one game day 🙂 We must also give a chance to other good games!

  6. We played 20 games excitedly. The One Night Ultimate Werewolf game is ideal when playing from 6 people and more, playing with less is probably not great, but we have not tried it.
    It’s very cool that the losers don’t have time to get upset, we just start the next game.
    I recommend it for large companies that are bored with the mafia and similar protracted “talk”.

  7. A Spyfall game that will revolutionize your whole idea of the MAFIA. The essence of the game is that a spy appears in the company you play. Naturally, no one except himself knows who it is. Your task is to expose this rogue. But the task of the spy is not to betray himself and guess the location in which everyone is. A find for a spy is a find for a company to have fun, laugh and develop their logic and attention 🙂

  8. The Bang! The Dice game and extras arrived in excellent condition. There are 2 dueling faces on each die. The basic organizers were upset – the cards do not fit in the protectors, and in all respects: height, width, thickness (the thickness was expected). The G7D protectors fit perfectly.

  9. If your conscience does not allow you to lay out the Camel Up while the child is sleeping, but you really want to, then this game should come to you. As with any patigame, the more players there are, the more fun / interesting the game is. In general, for 5+ players it is normal, the art is so-so, but in games of this type it is not primary.

  10. Spyfall is an excellent game for evening gatherings over tea and holidays. We play with friends and family, everyone really likes it. Even with repeated hit of locations, there is always an interesting development of events. I definitely recommend it!

  11. Incan Gold is a very fast game that I got to know from the beginning at Boradgeimaren and later played it live. If in the online version the game is played in 10 minutes, then for a regular game live it takes 30 minutes. Incan gold, I would compare with celestia, that here, that much depends on luck, because the choice of opportunities is extremely modest – pass or go further for new treasures. But in this game everything depends only on your decision, and in the celestia you can be thrown off the board or fool, assured that you will fly to the next island.

  12. Formula D good game. Of the many board games that the family has, this one is now the son’s favorite. Although it says 14+ on the box, in the game according to simple rules, a 7-year-old child beat dad in the first game. With pleasure in the future I will buy a few additions to it
    I recommend the game for purchase.

  13. The Incan Gold game is primitive, I agree. But I think you need to treat it like fun and play it, for example, when in a company people don’t know each other very well. Or when you want to play, but you don’t want to think too much)
    Different games are needed, all sorts of games are important))

  14. Formula D good health! Mathematically tied races, with unforgettable impressions. If one breaks away, it is almost impossible to catch up, if not to risk. And to take risks, it means “health” to undermine your nerves) Euro is essentially on the exact calculation, with elements of amerikotresh for the acuteness of the adventure! Who has stayed knows!
    Buy. Play. Have fun.

  15. One Night Ultimate Werewolf great party game. We immediately added “Daybreak” to have more combinations of roles. We almost never use ordinary peasants. This game is interesting to play even for those who do not like “Resistance” or “Secret Hitler”. There are also rules in Ukrainian.
    + – playable;
    – quite easy to learn.
    – – no official localization.


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